Friday, May 27, 2011


For the record I am a forty-something single guy, never married, no kids. I live alone in a small condo in the city. Like a lot of my generation and of my marital status, I lived at home for way longer then I should have finally moving out in my mid-30's. After almost 2 years of takeout food, eating out, bumming meals off my parents and frozen entrees from the grocery store I found myself 30 pounds heavier and many dollars poorer. I needed a change. A funny thing happened one night. I came across a television show called Good Eats with Alton Brown and my eyes were opened to how simple cooking and even baking can be when broken down to it's basest levels. I started slowly and worked my way up to the point I haven't called for delivery for almost 4 years now, I make most of my 3 workday meals at home and have even gained a following amongst family and friends for some of my baked good. Not only do I feel better about my eating habits but it's become my favorite free-time activity

As I have friends who find themselves in my situation one way or the other I try and encourage them to start cooking. Most say they can't. I say if I can, they can! No excuses, just get started. It's easier then you think. I have no culinary background just a strong desire to make good, tasty simple foods. Nothing fancy and in many cases no too healthy but always tasty

A few caveats. 1) I don't do a lot of veggies so you won't find much content for vegetarians and the like. I also have allergy issues with a lot of seafood so unfortunately you won't find a lot of that either 2) Most of the recipes I'll be presenting are based of other people's recipes with my own tweaks. The blog will concentrate more on preparing the recipes then the recipes themselves 3) For those with a lot more experience, background and knowledge then me I'm always open to improvement but keep the criticisms to a minimum as I don't claim to be an expert and this project is more for fun then anything else

So, that's it in a nutshell. I will be focusing mostly on preparation but will also touch on critical kitchen gear and do's and don'ts on ingredients. I hope to produce some videos from my ridiculously small and overcrowded kitchen in the near future (better call Merry Maids). Expect to find a lot of sarcasm, irony and humor in general here. Like I said, this is for fun

So, onward and upward

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