Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To This Blog...

So like the best laid plans of mice and men my plans for this blog went astray. I started and stopped but was finally getting into a groove presenting my take on scratch cooking for the everyman. Then a funny thing happened. I got sick. Ok, not like sudden illness, but rather I got the annual physical from hell. My blood sugar was at an incredibly high level and the doctor threw in a high blood pressure and high cholesterol to boot. I was 46 years old, 240 lbs and I was killing myself. Long story short I needed to change EVERYTHING!! So nearly 3 years later I’m 49 years old and 185 lbs and maybe in the best shape of my life (the long form version of this story starts here if you’re interested One of the short term sacrifices was giving up cooking some of my favorite meals until I could retrain my diet and make healthier decisions. Well I’m ready to jump back in. I’m back to cooking like crazy. Some (ok most) healthier choices but still making calorie bombs on occasion. So I’ll be picking up where I left off with new recipes, techniques, and toys with some healthy swaps and substitutions. Mostly I hope to show how you can make nearly anything you can order out for at home with just a bit of knowhow…No Excuses!!

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